“The Creek” brings home awards from annual District Assembly!

Award 2014 DA  CREEK!Award 2 DA2014

In our first year the Rotary Club of Coconut Creek made a fantastic showing in our brand new club shirts and with 98% attendance from the club!  We brought home two awards for district attendance percentages and for our Facebook page!!  Everyone in attendance knew we were in the house as the awards were announced and “the Creek” was a roar with 13 members cheering on President Drew Monaghan when he collected our winnings!!  Congrats to the entire club and thank you for all your efforts in our first year!!

Banners, members and service..oh my!!

We knew that things would take off for our little club when our 20131007_182831[1]model was in full swing!!  We have had so many service projects, new members and this all on top of our official banner ceremony it is a challenge to keep up!!  We have9-21-13-2 had service projects at the Blood Center, one at a farm for recovering children and siblings with cancer.  We have inducted some awesome members with many more in the process!!  There comes a time as a club establishes its own culture that you are evaluating what is important and what we hold precious to our future.  Our founding principles of fellowship and service have continue to expand and attracting a great deal of attention both

in the district and around the world.  Come see the new model of a Rotary club and why this is NOT what you expected!

The Big Day!

IMG_1221We had been working on it for over a year and our provisional Rotarians had been waiting patiently to becoming full Rotarians…Today was the big day!! July 15, 2013,  3 of our newest members were inducted into the wonderful world of Rotary by District Governor Ellen Blasi from District 6990!  It was a fun filled evening including many guests, Rotarians and District Leadership.  The night started at 6 pm and and ended with a 3 hour fellowship with great times and two birthday celebrations!  Rotarian Henry PetitihommeIMG_1223 became a Rotarian and had his birthday so quite a day for him!!  Rotary Club of Coconut Creek is officially a club and we look forward to you joining us for our Founder’s Night September 23.  Watch for details and ticket information soon!  Come join the fastest moving club in the district right now “the Creek” is on the move!

Growing every week!

532461_254361864665148_91972270_nHow many times have you asked yourself…what was it like when this Rotary Club first started?  We picked up 2 new perspective members this week asking the same question and they made the decision they wanted to be in on the ground floor of something great and build a Rotary Club that would be different in shape, feel and excitement that would take on a life all by itself!  Come be a part of this early stage and put your mark on a brand new Rotary Club in South Florida District 6990.  The exciting stuff like community projects, logos, badges, club work and mingle shirts…. all the things exciting about creating a new culture of a Rotary Club!  We are growing every week almost outgrowing our initial conference table at Bru’s Room in Coconut Creek!  Our next gathering will be at a Rotarian to Rotarian mixer with the district in Oakland Park.  Follow the District 6990 link to their calendar!  Our club events and meetings are listed on the Events page!  Join us!