17 Trees planted at Coconut Creek City Hall

The members of our Club were honored to install 17 Bald Cypress Trees around the lake at the City Hall complex in Coconut Creek. Originally this project was conceived back in 2017 to be a ‘one tree per club member’ installation. After the MSD shooting our club chose to plant these trees in honor of those 17 lives that were cut short on that fateful Valentines Day. Our hope is that some measure of solace and beauty may be restored to the community as these trees grow and blossom. We had a great turn out and even though not all of our club members could attend this was truly a ‘all hands on deck’ project as there was much planning and some fund raising that went on to see this project to its completion. The members of ‘The Creek’ as we affectionately call ourselves are a fun-loving group of local business and community leaders (or leaders-to-be) that seek out Service projects that are in line with Rotary Internationals motto of ‘Service Above Self’.


Renovating the 4Kids Foster Children’s House

We’ve been hard at work putting our sweat and contacts to work renovating the 4Kids house. This house is for foster kids who have aged out of the system at 18. 4Kids provides this home for them as well as training in the basics of taking care of themselves like how to interview for a job, shop and prepare food, manage money, etc.. The “soft landing” from the foster child system helps these young adults get on their feet and sets them up for success.

for kids painting

We removed the old tile, taped and sanded to prepare for painting, demolished the old bathroom vanities, installed ceiling fans and brought in a painter. DREW4Kids 1

“What an incredible blessing the Coconut Creek Rotary Club has been to us in this project. This is just a great example of how a community can come together and do great impactful work. The fact that young ladies who have had to experience some of life’s toughest traumas can now have a place of quality, safety and peace; and realize their value and self-worth while doing life together, is immeasurable.  Looking forward to working together in seeing lives changed. You guys rock.”

until every child has a home…

Blake Silverstrom
Vice President

A big thank you goes out to Keith Warner, of Warner Painting. He not only donated his time to paint the entire 4Kids house, but he also supplied the paint ! Thank you also to Brad Ballenger, of Sawgrass Electric who donated six brand new ceiling fans.

Please support these civic-minded businesses in your community!

Keith Warner / President
4811 Lyons Tech Parkway
Suite 15
Coconut Creek, FL. 33073

Brad Ballenger
Sawgrass Electric, Inc.
5131 NW 108th Ave
Sunrise, FL. 33351

Dave and Harley hard at work 
Sanding and prep before painting the walls
4Kids 2
Ripping up the old tile and flooring before new install

St. Patrick’s Day Social

563241_461012594000073_563418038_nWhat do you do when a great holiday falls on our meeting day???  We have a party of course!!  RCCC got all the members, families and even a couple visitors together for a St. Patrick’s Day social filled with green beads, flashing lights, great food and a couple cold Irish adult beverages!!  Fellowship is part 1979635_461012547333411_1177100908_nof everything we do and involving our Rotary families is critical to this part of our club!!  We want to involve our spouses, children and friends in what we do not have them see us go out the door to “Rotary” every week!!  We want everyone to know each other and celebrate the “ Family of Rotary”.  Have you been looking for a 1969180_461012664000066_1711647242_na service opportunity that can involve your family and be more of an extension rather than something that takes you away?  Looking for a way to get your children involved in the world of service to the community no matter the age?  You found it…..“The Creek” on the move!!!!

Service Projects

20140118_112727We continue to have our monthly service projects and making changes in our community!  Projects in the past couple months include clean up projects, child development projects and supporting our own Rotary Foundation!  We have committed to 8 service projects for the Rotary year and we are already done with that looking at exceeding our goal!!  A special part of our club is the desire to give back and part of our foundation success pieces.  We are looking for people with the same mindset of service and fellowship…are you one of those professionals looking for a way to fill that void in your life?  Come join us!!

Banners, members and service..oh my!!

We knew that things would take off for our little club when our 20131007_182831[1]model was in full swing!!  We have had so many service projects, new members and this all on top of our official banner ceremony it is a challenge to keep up!!  We have9-21-13-2 had service projects at the Blood Center, one at a farm for recovering children and siblings with cancer.  We have inducted some awesome members with many more in the process!!  There comes a time as a club establishes its own culture that you are evaluating what is important and what we hold precious to our future.  Our founding principles of fellowship and service have continue to expand and attracting a great deal of attention both

in the district and around the world.  Come see the new model of a Rotary club and why this is NOT what you expected!